SPECADIRT is vintage clothing for everyone.

We live for fun t-shirts, vintage denim, and unique casual wear. We carry an impressive selection of versatile pieces from the 70's 80’s, and 90’s, in ALL sizes.

The word combination SPECADIRT is inspired by the owners Mom Jennifer. A SPECADIRT is no reason to dismiss something beautiful, just give it a wash!

Shopping vintage and pre-owned saves energy, and materials.

SPECADIRT is a fresh and affordable alternative to Fast Fashion in Kingston.

Fast Fashion is often made from nonrenewable resources like polyester, and exploits people in unjust work conditions. 

Shop in person at the Montreal St. Collective, or check out our new arrivals on instagram. 💛

Specadirt Vintage - Kingston, ON 


Mission Statement

SPECADIRT VINTAGE is an inclusive shopping experience, consisting of proudly curated vintage clothing 💖



Clare Palmer

Clare was born in Brockville, Ontario in 1998. 

She started collecting vintage clothing in 2018. 

Clare graduated with honors from the Fashion Arts and Business program at Humber College in Toronto.

Clare brought SPECADIRT vintage to Kingston in 2019. 

She's now a part-owner of the Montreal St. Collective Downtown Kingston.

(Photo - Clare Palmer in Grade 2)

*E-mail for costume curation & business inquiries *


shop policy


If you experience issues with a purchased product, please contact us at specadirtvintage@gmail.com

with details of the items defect within 12 days of your purchase so that we may assist you. Thank You!